Rolling With DJ Adam

Licensed DJ & Music Mixer
A Jukebox Cover DJ & Entertainer with Heart

$110 Minister Services
$290 Per Hour
Travel fees vary

$30 Per Photo
2 Hour Minimum
For services:

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To book, inform us of the hours needed.
A minimum deposit of 50% is non-refundable and is due at the time the event is booked.
The balance MUST be paid one week prior to the event, no exceptions.

Or the payment can be made in full.
All payments are non-refundable.
Please note: he is in a 500lb power wheelchair. His sound system works indoors. If your event is outside, you will need to provide a PA system.

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Once you complete the purchase please follow the instructions on the thank you page once the payment is complete.

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Join our membership program to receive a free gift and get regular updates on events and other happenings. This is a great offer for any fan of DJ Adam.
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02. Rolling With DJ Adam Membership Monthly

02. Rolling With DJ Adam Membership Monthly

Start Rolling With DJ Adam with his monthly membership & get exclusive access to early music releases, discount codes, promote DJ Adams's Music, help his business thrive, and help him continue traveling to events.
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